"Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice" R-Rated Ultimate Edition on the Way?

Fresh on the heels of Deadpool‘s surprise box office domination, and the instant speculation that studios would be open to the idea of more R-rated superhero movies, comes a report that Warner Bros. is planning a special edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that will see the iconic superheroes face off in an adults-only fashion. A post on filmratings.com brings the news that Warner Home Video will release the alternate cut, entitled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition, with an R rating “for sequences of violence”.

It certainly makes sense, not only because its a means to capitalize on the spike in demand for R-rated comic book content, but because the narrative of the film finds Bruce Wayne in a particularly dark and vengeful mindset. Certainly, the footage in the most recent trailer revealed the Dark Knight to have an absolutely brutal combat method as he takes down the criminal element. It also fits in with recent murmurs that this version of Bats might break his no-kill rule in his pursuit of The Man of Steel.

What’s more, Zach Snyder is no stranger to director’s cuts — or R-rated comic book movies, for that matter — with his extended cut of Watchmen generally considered superior to the theatrical release. While details are scarce at the moment on what an R-rated cut would look like, fans have been hungry for an R-rated Batman movie pretty much since Batman movies have been a thing, so this will probably come as some mighty fine news, though it is a bit odd to think of an R-rated Superman film.
Source: Collider