“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” continued to dominate the global box office on Wednesday, picking up $28 million worldwide.
The superhero match-up’s total stands at $530.4 million. Domestically, it earned $8.1 million, pushing the Stateside haul past $200 million after six days of release. In China, “Batman v Superman” has earned $69.4 million since opening last weekend.

The numbers are impressive, but Warner Bros. needs the film to be a juggernaut. The studio invested $250 million to produce the film with the hopes that it would inspire an inter-connected series of comic-book films to rival those made by Marvel. “Batman v Superman” is intended to lead into two Justice League films, a super-team that is DC Comics’ answer to the Avengers, and there are a number of standalone films centered on the likes of Wonder Woman and the Flash that are slated to hit theaters in the coming years.

Reviews for “Batman v Superman” have been harsh, with critics faulting the film for being over-stuffed. Audiences have been gentler, handing the film a B CinemaScore. Despite the reviews, “Batman v Superman” is expected to easily top the box office this weekend, pulling in roughly $66 million.
Zack Snyder directs “Batman v Superman,” with Ben Affleck taking on the Dark Knight and Henry Cavill reprising the role of the Man of Steel.