Bruce Wayne Reacts to #WonderWoman's #RottenTomatoes Score. (VIDEO)
A new fan-made video shows Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne “reacting” to Wonder Woman‘s high Rotten Tomatoes score. While all three DC Extended Universe films released prior to Wonder Woman were successful at the box office, none of those movies (Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad) were well-received critically, on the whole. Back in 2013, Man of Steel earned a nearly Fresh 55% rating on RT, followed in 2016 by Batman V Superman at just 27% and Suicide Squad that same year, at only 25%.

Ahead of Wonder Woman hitting theaters, many were anxious to see if director Patty Jenkins’ own DCEU film could break the franchise’s weak critical streak. Now the film is here and critics are in general agreement that the movie is great superhero film, enough so to make Wonder Woman “Certified Fresh” with a score of 93%. Audiences seem to agree that Wonder Woman is great, as the film grossed a reported $39 million on Friday, making it far-and-away the #1 movie at the domestic box office.

Wonder Woman‘s Rotten Tomatoes performance is a nice change of pace for the DCEU, but that comes as cold comfort to Batman fans who think Batman V Superman was done an injustice by its 27% score. The feelings of Batman fans can perhaps be summed up by this funny video (via AfricanRabbit) of Bruce Wayne reacting to the Rotten Tomatoes score for Wonder Woman. You can watch said clip, above.

As distraught as Bruce Wayne might be over Wonder Woman kicking his butt with critics, DC and Warner Bros. are no doubt happy about both the critical and box office performance for the newest addition to the DCEU. It might be an exaggeration to say the movie “saved” the DCEU, but Wonder Woman has definitely upgrade the DCEU’s reputation and raises the bar for expectations, with respect to the quality of future DCEU offerings.

In the past, tone has been a major point of contention for critics of DCEU films, with many arguing that Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad (and even Man of Steel) were simply too dark and depressing. Others have argued that the DC universe lends itself to a grittier, heavier approach than the relatively-lightweight Marvel Studios movies. Wonder Woman seems to have dialed in a tone that works for a lot of people. Instead of seeing this as a repudiation of previous DCEU movies, perhaps it’s best to characterize the shift as a necessary pivot. Just don’t tell that to Bruce Wayne.