While the DC Cinematic Universe may be having a bit of trouble finding its feet, the DC Animated Universe is still pretty fired up. You can see it in the brand new trailer for Justice League Dark, the latest animated film that Warner Bros. is releasing to its eager public. Though there's more to get excited about, as you'll see, or rather hear, as you watch the trailer below.

Thanks to IGN, the trailer for Justice League Dark was brought to the world's attention, and it's an idea whose time truly has come. In this new film, the animated Justice League has picked up on a worldwide spate of supernatural goings on. Obviously not equipped to deal with the threat at hand, it's up to their more magical and mystical counterparts to save the day this time out. Will Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Etrigan the Demon, and John Constantine be able to save the world from the vague threat that's besieged humanity? Probably, but how they do so will be the real surprise.

Speaking of surprises, you might have experienced the sense of one while listening to Constantine's dulcet tones in this trailer. If you thought that voice sounded familiar, you're absolutely right, as Matt Ryan is finally back in the role of the hellbound detective! Mixing it up with returning voice actors Jason O'Mara, Rosario Dawson, andJerry O'Connell, among others, Ryan is one of the newer voices to the DC Animated Universe. As you can tell in the video above, he's more than game for whatever the genre throws his way. Though it also helps that Justice League Dark is another R-rated project in the DC Animated Universe's line-up.

Interestingly enough, Justice League Dark could join Batman: Assault on Arkham as another DC animated film to precede its live action counterpart, as Arkham played really close to the eventual storyline of this summer's Warner Bros hit Suicide Squad. Though unlike David Ayer's contribution to the DCU, Justice League Dark\_'s_ flesh and blood counterpart is still a ways off from becoming a tangible reality. Which makes the animated product's debut all the more welcome in the eyes of eager fans.

Justice League Dark unveils its brand of humor and action on DVD, Digital HD, and Blu-ray at some point in 2017.