While the possibility of more Bad Boys films may be uncertain at the moment, it seems that the franchise may be getting a second life with a TV spinoff series. It’s just been announced that a show based on a popular supporting character from Bad Boys II is in development, and is currently being pitched to the TV networks. Gabrielle Union (The Birth of a Nation) is the actress being tapped to reprise her role of DEA agent Syd Burnett in the intended ongoing project.

For those that may not remember, Union played Special Agent Sydney ‘Syd’ Burnett in the 2003 action-sequel directed by Michael Bay and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. She was the sister of Detective Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), but was also involved in a secret romantic relationship with Detective Mike Lowrey (Will Smith). This set up some comedic friction between the two title characters, as the over-protective brother didn’t initially approve of the couple. But the pair are totally in the dark as to the fact that Syd is a successful undercover operative with the DEA, and in the process of landing Russian gangsters and a Cuban drug lord for the US government. Unsurprisingly this all leads to the usual amounts of expected explosions and gunplay.

Now 14 years after that excursion, Deadline is reporting that the character will be revived for a project that is currently untitled. It is apparently being offered to several TV networks and has had enough interest to ensure a commitment shortly. Producer Bruckheimer is involved, as is Sony Pictures. The show is being written by the writers and producers of The Blacklist, Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier. The development appears to have come about as several major factors aligned, including the availability of Union as her current popular series Being Mary Jane is due to end next year.

The news comes as there is still no clear decision as to whether Bad Boys For Life (Bad Boys 3) will ever actually happen. At one point, it looked like two back-to-back sequels would be filmed, but that never came close to development. According to star Lawrence, it seems very unlikely that we’ll see any further entries due to Smith’s current schedule and commitments. However, Bruckheimer is confident that the second sequel will eventually be written and finally reach the theaters. Just who will be proven right in their opinions remains to be seen.

In the meantime, the focus on a series starring Syd Burnett is certainly interesting, but there are no real details to make much more of a judgement than that. The involvement of Lawrence and Smith is unlikely, and the show would presumably be based on the DEA agent’s further escapades in the field, although nothing should be taken for granted. But Union would make for a strong and likeable lead, and if it was based on similar action-scenes and character interaction seen in the Bad Boys films then it could be a successful formula for an ongoing series. We’ll bring you more news on this Bad Boys spinoff TV series as we get it.