Itís a genuinely amazing time to be alive if youíre a superhero fan. Not only are the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel going toe-to-toe on the silver screen this weekend for the very first time, but next week we will also see The Flashís Barry Allen make the acquaintance of Supergirlís Kara Danvers on CBS. Thereís been much talk of continued crossovers in the near future if this one finds success, and now it seems that even The Flashís Earth-2 characters could potentially find their way to Supergirl in the future.

Speaking with EW about the upcoming crossover between The Flash and Supergirl, Greg Berlanti admitted that the Earth-2 doppelgangers could very well make an appearance on CBS at some point:
We just talked about that recently. There is room [for that], absolutely.
With an established multiverse, virtually any combinations of character interactions have now been placed on the table. Doppelgangers from The CWís Earth-1 and Earth-2 can interact with one another, but they can also make their way to the world of Supergirl. We want to see this happen, and not only to see Kara try to race the powerless Earth-2 Barry and absolutely destroy him. Doing this would also simply make for an incredibly easy way to get Grant Gustin over to Supergirl without having the journey disrupt whatever Earth-1 Barry Allen happens to be up to during a season of The Flash. Basically, everyone wins, especially us.

While weíre incredibly excited about the notion of more small screen DC crossovers in the future, donít expect Kara Danvers to make her way to The CW anytime soon, although it's certainly an option in the future. While the Arrow-verse has explored some truly outrageous sci-fi concepts, and pretty much laid all of the groundwork for other numerous outlandish ideas, The Flash still hasnít introduced extraterrestrials to its universe yet. Suspension of disbelief must be expanded carefully, and while Supergirl has an established alien presence in its universe, fans of The Flash could find it incredibly odd to have an alien suddenly show up on the series. John Diggle said it best during the second season of Arrow, when he uttered ďwhat next, aliens?Ē when Team Arrow was still coping with the mere existence of Mirakuru soldiers. Little did he know, right?

Needless to say, the upcoming crossover between The Flash and Supergirl has us incredibly giddy. We will bring you any and all news related to the upcoming DC multiverse event, and be sure to check it out when Grant Gustinís (Earth-1) Barry Allen and Melissa Benoistís Kara Danvers finally meet each other for the first time on Supergirl, airing this Monday at 8 p.m. EST.