Peyton Reed brought some unique sequences to life in Ant-Man, but according to one Ant-Man & The Wasp cast member, the sequel will be mind-blowing. Thanks to Ant-Man’s shrinking abilities, the small scaled action brought personal stakes with it, but also the chance to have some of the most interesting set pieces in the superhero genre. Whether it was the briefcase fight or battling atop Thomas the Train, Reed helped separate his superhero movie from the rest – and that was with less time than desired. Reed joined Ant-Man following Edgar Wright’s departure, but filled the director’s chair in grand fashion, resulting in him returning to give his version, and his alone, for the sequel.

As the title indicates, Evangeline Lilly’s Wasp will play a major part in the story and give Reed another tiny hero to play with, while Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang has clearly learned some new tricks after becoming Giant Man in Captain America: Civil War. Their power sets on paper bring a fun dynamic with them briefly teased in this concept art, but their co-star David Dastmalchian says the results will blow audience’s minds.

Dastmalchian spoke to EW briefly about what fans can expect to see in the sequel, and apparently it will feature plenty of things they’ve never seen before. How exactly Reed and co. will go about delivering never before seen moments in the genre remains to be seen, but Dastmalchian’s comments should begin to generate further excitement for the sequel.

“I can say Ant-Man & The Wasp is going to do things in the Marvel universe that they haven’t gotten an opportunity to do yet and I just got some tidbits the other day and they’re mind-blowing. It’s going to be really cool.”

Dastmalchian appeared in Ant-Man as Kurt, one of the members of the “Antourage,” and recently confirmed that he too will be featured in the sequel. To what level the Russian hacker and his Antourage partners Luis (Michael Pena) and Dave (T.I.) will appear is not known, but it should be expected they’ll play similar sized supporting roles. The question then becomes if any of them will be involved with these mind-blowing moments, or if they’ll strictly be used for comic relief like before.

Production is slated to begin on the sequel this summer, and yet much of the movie remains a mystery. There has yet to be word on the story and how/if it will deal with the fallout of Avengers: Infinity War, but they’ve also managed to not reveal a villain or any additional castings yet. These announcements should be coming soon, but how this connects to the search for the original Wasp, Janet Van Dyne, is unclear. Hopefully some of the mystery begins to fall aside soon so everyone can begin to gain an understanding of what they can expect beyond the mind-blowing moments.