The toy company also has a Hot Wheels and Barbie movie in development.

A movie inspired by Mattel's popular America Girl dolls is in the works at MGM.

Introduced in 1986, the American Girl brand encompasses dolls and book series, and features a series of characters with historically-based back stories, like Kaya, a Native American nine-year-old growing up in the 1700s, or Josefina, a Hispanic girl from New Mexico in 1824.

Mattel Films, MGM and PictureStart’s Erik Feig will produce the live-action project. It is currently unclear if the story will focus on one doll or multiple. Cassidy Lange will oversee for MGM and Robbie Brenner will oversee for Mattel.

New Line previously made a feature adaptation of American Girl's Kit Kittredge character, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, starring Abigail Breslin.

The American Girl doll movie is the latest toy-inspired project put into development by Mattel. A Hot Wheels movie and a Margot Robbie-starring Barbie movie are both in the works at Warner Bros., while a Masters of the Universe feature is set up at Sony.