Following the success of The Alienist, TNT orders another adaptation of the work of Caleb Carr with The Angel of Darkness. The Alienist had seemingly been on the verge of becoming a major motion picture for years following its publication in 1994, but for a variety of reasons, the project never managed to get off the ground. The same was nearly true of TNTís 2018 miniseries adaptation of the property, when executive producer Cary Fukunaga stepped away from directorial duties. Despite the many bumps in the road, however, the project finally came to fruition with The Alienist reportedly posting impressive gains in viewership as the season progressed, and earning Emmy nominations for limited series and cinematography along the way.

When you consider the initial seriesí success, and the fact that there are several other books in Carrís Kreizler series just waiting to be adapted, itís no surprise that TNT is eager to head back to the late 19th century to investigate some heinous crimes. This time, however, instead of a series of gruesome murders, Dr. Laszlo Kreizler and his team will be go off in search of the missing child of a Spanish dignitary.

In an official release from TNT, The Angel of Darkness will also see stars Daniel BrŁhl, Luke Evans, and Dakota Fanning return to their roles as Kreizler, John Moore, and Sara Howard, respectively. At present, itís unknown whether or not Brian Geraghty will return as Theodore Roosevelt, but considering the character is one of several historical figures to be featured in the second novel, it stands to reason heíll be back as well.

Though the order for The Angel of Darkness is being positioned as a second limited series, itís really more like a renewal, putting TNT in a similar position as HBO was (and still is) with Big Little Lies. That show won big at both the Emmys and the Golden Globes as a limited series, even though a second season was on the way, with Meryl Streep no less. That finds The Alienist in a tricky position ahead of this yearís Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony, though apparently the show will remain in the limited series category despite it no longer being a limited series.

Regardless the potential for winning awards, The Alienist, and now The Angel of Darkness, gives TNT an edge in the prestige TV department, offering the network a dark, mature, and impressive-looking crime series that boasts a cast of actors who might otherwise be appearing in feature films. Limited series accolades or not, ordering a second helping of Carrís Kreizler series was a no brainer for the network.

The Angel of Darkness will likely air in 2019 on TNT.