Alex Winter has tried to ease fans' worries by telling them that Bill & Ted 3 is, in fact, still happening. The third outing for Bill and Ted is supposedly called Bill & Ted Face the Music and will revolve around the two friends as middle-aged men still trying to find the right song that will save the universe.

The first film called Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure was released in 1989 when Keanu Reeves was only 25 and Alex Winter was only 24. Their excellent adventure began when they used a time machine to meet deceased historical figures so that they could pass their history report and, in turn, save the universe. Their second adventure, titled Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, again involved time travel, but this time, Bill and Ted had to battle evil robot versions of themselves that were sent back in time to kill them. Both films were met with mixed reviews but have only become more popular over time. For years, Bill & Ted 3 has been rumored to be making progress, but it seems as if this was one movie stuck in development hell... until now.

As reported by Slashfilm, during the Television Critics Association panel Winter announced that, as far as he knew, Bill & Ted 3 was still happening despite recent reports. When asked about the film, Winter commented, "Weíre still in pre-production. Itís still the same. Early 2019 is still the same. Iím still being told to hold those dates. Thatís all I know". While Winter may not be the one who makes the calls on when the movie will be made, it's a good sign that he expects the film to be coming soon. Winter's comments came after Reeves revealed his doubts about the film actually getting made. Winter further explained that Reeves was just being cautious and telling fans to not get their hopes up in case something went wrong during pre-production.

Bill & Ted Face the Music seems to be making more progress this year than any other since the third film was announced. It was announced back in May that their third outing was officially happening and a month later it was revealed that filming was hopefully going to start by January 2019. That being said, Bill & Ted 3's script was thought to have been completed in 2011. Seven years have passed since then and filmmakers are still only talking about the film being made.

Reeves has had a busy career since Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, starring in The Matrix trilogy as well as the ongoing John Wick films. Winter, on the other hand, has continued to act but has also lent his talent behind the camera as a director. Both seem to be staying busy with their careers but would surely jump back into the roles of Bill and Ted when the time comes. Hopefully, that ends up being sooner rather than later.