The 'Watchmen' and 'From Hell' writer considers 'Faceache' creator Ken Reid to be a formative influence on his work.

Ken Reid is a cartoonist whose name isn't well-known outside of the U.K., but he's an inspiration for plenty of comic book greats, including Watchmen's Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Audiences unfamiliar with his work will get a chance to fix that oversight with the November release of new archival collection Faceache: The First Hundred Scrunches. To sweeten the deal for those unsure about picking it up? Moore is writing a new introduction to the book.
The hardcover collection, part of 2000 AD publisher Rebellion's "Treasury of British Comics" line, brings together for the first time the initial installments of Reid's comedy series, which ran in weekly anthology series Jet, before becoming part of the Buster lineup for the next 16 years.
The "Faceache" of the title refers to the series' lead character, Ricky Rubberneck a schoolboy whose skin is so rubbery that he can change his features (or "scrunge," in the terminology of the strip) to resemble anything. With its mix of masterful cartooning and a sense of humor that could turn surprisingly dark when least expected, Faceache would continue to be a fan-favorite for almost two decades, with Reid continuing to work on the series until his death in 1987.
"Many British comic book fans consider Ken Reid to be one of the greatest humor artists to have ever graced this industry, so it seems only fitting that one of its greatest writers introduce this much anticipated Faceache collection," Treasury of British Comics editor Keith Richardson told Heat Vision of Moore's introduction to the new collection. The First Hundred Scrunges also features a second introduction by Reid's son, Antony.
"Much like Alan, Ken was a unique talent whose work would see its way into the imagination of any young reader fortunate enough to come across it," Richardson added. "We would like to thank Alan for his contribution, and also thank Antony Reid for also writing a very emotive introduction about his father.
Faceache: The First Hundred Scrunches will be released Nov. 30.