Netflix has revealed that Adam Sandler will co-star with Chris Rock in The Week Of, the fourth comedy vehicle to come from his Netflix contract. The news hits on the heels of the announcement that Sandler’s Netflix deal was extended to another four films, though the first three were all critically derided, but found an audience. Of the three movies he’s rolled out since 2015, the recently unveiled Sandy Wexler has earned the highest reviews, and that’s with a lowly 31 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. (2015’s The Ridiculous 6 holds an abysmal 0 percent, while last year’s The Do-Over fared slightly better with 5 percent).

Nonetheless, The Ridiculous 6 set records at Netflix for being the most-watched movie on the streaming service within the first 30 days of release, while a recent report claimed viewers had collectively spent more than half a billion hours watching Sandler’s films (though that figure also includes the back catalog of Sandler’s work that’s available to stream). Based on the ratings, Sandler is at least on an upswing, and if the projects are doing as well as Netflix claims, it makes sense that they would continue to opt in.

As reported by Deadline, The Week Of will span a week of preparation for a wedding in which Sandler’s character’s daughter will marry Rock’s character’s son. Sandler co-wrote the feature with longtime collaborator Robert Smigel, a Saturday Night Live veteran who will also direct. The Week Of will shoot on Long Island this summer and premiere on Netflix globally in 2018.

Sandler and Rock last teamed for Sandy Wexler, in which Rock made only a brief cameo. Before that, they appeared together in Grown Ups 2 — another movie that drew in critical scorn. But despite their seemingly waning stars, Netflix apparently has a vested interest in both actors. In addition to their commitment to Sandler, the company shelled out around $40 million for two upcoming comedy specials from Rock, coaxing him back to the stand-up stage after eight years away.

Based on the loose premise provided, The Week Of sounds like something in the vein of Meet the Parents or the more recent (but mediocre) Why Him? That doesn’t exactly sound like a saving grace for Sandler, and his track record is no vote of confidence, but as confounding as it is to those outside his fan base, his approach is apparently working well enough. Maybe the fourth time will be the charm?

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