Fairy tales. They are among the oldest stories that survive in our culture. They are some of the earliest stories that we hear, and the ones that we remember. Beginning in 1937 and running more or less to the present day, Walt Disney Animation began to turn many of these classic tales into feature films. Since then, multiple generations have grown up with these films, and for many audience members, Disney has made the definitive version of these ageless stories. At this point, the definition of the term "fairy tale" is essentially, "An animated movie made by the Walt Disney Company."

Now that Disney has turned every story ever written into an animated feature, they've now begun to remake each of them as a live action film, as well. However, most of these stories are so old that they're in the public domain, and Disney isn't the only studio that noticed how much money fairy tale movies can make. This means that not only are there more fairy tale films in development than you can count, in several cases, there are multiple studios working on the same property. How can you keep it all straight? Here's every single fairy tale movie we could track down (that we're not sure isn't dead).

While Disney's greatest animated films have been musicals, they have thus far stayed away from going that route with the live-action adaptations. That all changes in 2017 when Disney releases Beauty and the Beast. It's about as fitting a choice as Disney can make to go the full musical route. While not Disney's most successful film -- that honor goes to The Lion King -- Beauty and the Beast is possibly the most revered, as the only animated film to be nominated for Best Picture, it holds a place in film history. Throw in a stellar cast, and we're particularly excited for this one.