13 Reasons Why has become the most tweeted about series of 2017. The success of a TV show used to be measured in ratings, but with so many watching shows via an on-demand service, and streaming channels such as Netflix refusing to release viewing figures, it can be hard to measure how successful a show actually is. One way of garnering how much of an impact a show has had, is to look at social media.

In the case of 13 Reasons Why, which arrived on Netflix on March 30th, that impact is huge. Partly owing to its compelling subject matter, and partly owing to the outstanding performances by its young cast, 13 Reasons Why has spawned a huge online fandom already, and has become the most tweeted about show of 2017, so far.

Variety reports that the show has amassed over 11 million tweets about it since its launch, and its cast have seen their personal accounts amass large numbers of followers, growing as much as 13,263 percent in the case of Christian Navarro, who plays Tony. The report also states that the most tweeted about characters are Hannah (Katherine Langford), Clay (Dylan Minnette), followed by Jeff, Alex, and Justin.

Part of the reason for the number of tweets comes from the fact that 13 Reasons Why is a show that demands to be talked about. It follows the final few days of Hannah, who took her own life and left behind 13 tapes, each detailing a reason why she decided to kill herself. It’s a deeply emotive and emotional subject matter, and the show is one that stays with viewers long after they’ve watched.

In particular, graphic, brutal scenes of rape, and a very detailed depiction of Hannah’s suicide, followed by her mom’s subsequent discovery of her body, make for uncomfortable viewing. In this age of social media, it seems almost natural that viewers take to Twitter or other platforms to discuss the emotions the show provokes in them, and to share advice, thoughts, and feelings with others.

Fans have also taken to Twitter to talk about the lighter aspects of the show, too, such as the sweet ‘could-have-been’ romance between Clay and Hannah, or to express their dismay over the untimely death of Jeff. In particular, Twitter has been used as a platform for fans to alert Netflix to their desire to see a second season of 13 Reasons Why, and it seems as though the streaming service, as well as original 13 Reasons Why author, Jay Asher, have been listening. Though nothing has been confirmed thus far, Asher has said he would like to see it happen. When a show provokes a reaction as strong as this one has, why wouldn’t Netflix go all out to make a second season happen?

source: http://screenrant.com/13-reasons-why...-2017-twitter/