What Tracker do you want to request?
Torrent Leech
Give a good reason why you want to be a part off this Tracker
I want to Leech Films And Scene Music to post Them in Slovenia
How would the tracker benefit by having you as a member?
24/7 Seeding As Well and I ll Invite The Others
Were you ealier a member of this tracker?
No i couldnt get any invites
Please provide edited screenshots of your 2 most used trackers with your username and today's date in the address bar.Do you own a seedbox? If yes, please mention your provider, speeds and provide a screenshot with your username today's date in the searchbar.
Please write a few lines about the tracker and include a few lines about your BitTorrent experience.
Is invite Only u Have to seed minimal 48h till Ure torrent not reach ratio 1, I leech every day from russia and rominia music, films than i edit them with slovenian subs an put them on in slovenian trackers i leech every day since 2008 with maximal speeds as i can
Do you accept not to cheat on this tracker? Keep your inviter anonymous and follow all other TI Rules?
I accept