What Tracker do you want to request?
Torrent leech
Give a good reason why you want to be a part off this Tracker
heard many good things about it sounds like 1 of the best general trackers from what i hear
How would the tracker benefit by having you as a member?
im special nah erm i seed a lot everynight and during the day when im not gaming
Were you ealier a member of this tracker?
no never
Please provide edited screenshots of your 2 most used trackers with your username and today's date in the address bar.
funfile and bitsoup
done the screenshots just now will send in pm on request.
Do you own a seedbox? If yes, please mention your provider, speeds and provide a screenshot with your username today's date in the searchbar.
Please write a few lines about the tracker and include a few lines about your BitTorrent experience.
private trackers iuse arnt bad but they aint the best clearly looking at users feedback and forums like this ect
Do you accept not to cheat on this tracker? Keep your inviter anonymous and follow all other TI Rules?
I accept