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Thread: Open: ICETorrent | General

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    Open: ICETorrent | General

    Tracker's Name: ICETorrent
    Genre: General
    Sign-up Link:
    Closing date: Soon!
    Review's Link: | ICE | General | 2019 Review
    Additional information: ICETorrent is a ratioless Romanian Private Torrent Tracker for 0Day / General Releases.

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    This is a great tracker. For ex, windows 10 1909 came out 1 day after patch, and like a week before any other tracker. very recommended...Thank you... @jimmy7

    It has become my nr.1 tracker for windows, photoshop etc , because they have great sources.

    Just have the "translate whole page" plugin then all is fine. they also write most things in both ro and eng. shoutbox is the only problem because you cant translate on the fly, at least what 1 know of.

    Jump in and if you are too late, i do have a GA thread from ice, so just PM if you are too late here. If its ok by @TheTrader , kinda like a grey area, i dont know , but for me pm is ok, untill i say stop
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