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Tracker of Gods or just GODS is by far the best german general tracker around. With over 98k torrents this private tracker offers a lot of content, mainly in the Movies, TV, Music and XXX categories. Almost all Movies and TV-Series have german dubs, pre-times for latest releases are good. There is a lot of non-german content too, like games or XXX adult content. GODS has many web seeders and a lot of new torrents every day. The Tracker has a lot of internal upload groups, around 80 groups in total.

Uploading new torrents is very easy, everyone can upload and there is no need for advanced descriptions. For every uploaded torrent you can get upload bonus based on the torrent size, e.g. for a 20GB upload you will get 20GB bonus after the first leecher has snatched the torrent. Seedbox users should send a PM to staff to register their seedbox, you can use a seedbox without any speed limit or any risks of overseeding.

If you are looking for something not available, you can open a request, or if you need more buffer you could also fill some requests, sometimes an easy way to quickly build good buffer.

Maintaining a good ratio is very easy, it's probably one of the most easiest trackers in terms of ratio. All torrents are freeleech every weekend (3 days) and of course there are many leechers around this time. Larger torrents are permant freeleech as well as some others selected by staff. Even people with a relative slow home connection and no seedbox will see it's very easy to maintain a good ratio. Hit 'n' Runs are more or less accepted on GODS, while they ask for at least 12 hours seed time. Like on many other german trackers, before christmas, it is possible to win upload and bonus points every day.

Getting into GODS is not easy, invites are open only on a few days each year.

There are a few tutorials about general torrent and upload related stuff, An RSS feed based on all categories is also available. Gambling is possible in the BlackJack area, but you can also play a few other 'small' games in you browser, like Pacman, Asteroids or Invaders. There is a chatbox on the main page as well as in the forums, stuff is very friendly, users can help with questions too.

I would call it a must-have tracker for people looking for german dubbed content and still a decent tracker for general content. - Icando - 2018











My Ratings

Speed 7/10
Content 7/10
Community 8/10
Overall 7/10