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Thread: TorViet | General | 2017 Review

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    TorViet | General | 2017 Review

    TorViet | General | 2017 Review

    Name: Torviet (HDVNBits)
    Tracker URL:
    Tracker Genre: General
    Tracker Type: Ratio Based
    Bonus System: Yes
    Seed difficultly: Easy
    Tracker Signup: Closed / Invite only
    Banned Countries: NONE
    Tracker IRC: -


    Torviet (Originally HDVNBits) is a good general tracker.
    It has a decent content base.

    It is good for not only vietnamese people, but for the general people as well.
    Many a times, torrents which are not present on IPT or other such trackers,
    can be found here.

    It is home to EPiK. Naturally many scene releases are present here.
    The tracker is complemented by a good bonus point system.
    The downside to the general people is that the forums are completely in vietnamese.

    HDVNBits had shut down for sometime and then resurrected with Torviet.
    Overall its a decent general tracker.


    Bonus Points






    Content 7
    Speed 7
    Rarity 7
    Community 8
    Overall 7.5

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    Torviet is now with so many dead torrents. Most of active torrents are now movie torrents, most of which are well-seeded.
    I heard this happening: since HDVNBits was divided into parts, some stayed on, some joined (maybe most of you don't know this tracker ), some came to overseas trackers like BTN, PTP,.... Most of them don't even want to build Torviet great again (at least, I can see that fact happening at the moment, like has left and never come back). However on its internal team list, there are still many encode team names that may make you surprised !

    Those first 3 names are strongest private trackers in Indochina with strong encode teams and famous encoders, with many connections with famous trackers.

    Waiting for 2017 review
    (about NetHD, you can easily register an account on; but if you can't get activated, you can not taste all of its sections => if you aren't from Vietnam then you should go to its forum and ask for activation, you can get activated very quickly or you will be given bonus points for self-activation. Search and you will find that topic. Tips: don't try to upload SD/CAM,...there if you don't want to get banned, they prefer HD )

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