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Thread: TorrentSeeds | TS | General | 2018 Review

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    TorrentSeeds | TS | General | 2018 Review

    Tracker Name TorrentSeeds
    Tracker URL
    Tracker Genre General
    Tracker Signup Closed/Invite Only
    Tracker Type Ratio Based
    Seed Difficulty Easy
    Bonus System ]Yes
    Banned Countries None
    IRC Channel #torrentseeds


    A fairly new kid on the block. TorrentSeeds is an invite only tracker with 176,395 torrents and 1883 users, this tracker holds regular open signups so jump on an upcoming community.

    TS has both an IRC channel and shoutbox which are both unfortunately pretty quiet but with more users comes more noise.
    If you are looking for a chat I suggest using the forums as they seem more active.
    On the homepage users can participate in polls, view current and past site news, recent uploads and site stats.
    Staff are currently looking for uploaders so if you like to contribute this is your chance.

    TorrentSeeds has a healthy flow of uploads with my favourites being the TV guide and upcoming movie release guide, you can search these categories:

    * 0day
    * Anime/HD
    * Anime/SD
    * Apps
    * Bookware
    * Ebooks
    * Games (Nintendo, PS, PC, Xbox)
    * Movies (Blu-ray, DVDR, HD, HD-Foreign, XVID)
    * Music (Flac, blu-ray, MDVDR, MP3, mvid)
    * P2P (Anime, apps, blu-ray, DVDR, ebooks, games, HD-Movies, TV-HD, XVID)
    * Sports (HD)
    * TV (blu-ray, DVDR, DVDRIP, SD, x264)

    Donating will give you VIP access which includes no slot restrictions, immunity to auto-bans if your ratio drops, invitations (only for VIP!),
    premium support and priority for first line support. You can currently donate from as little as 5 EUR up to 80 EUR with all donation packages
    offering a nice compensation for keeping the servers paid, if donating via Bitcoin you will receive a 10% discount.

    TorrentSeeds offers a 'karma bonus points' system which is super easy to build a little nest egg and spend from there. You may spend your points on:

    * Upload Amounts (1GB, 2.5GB, 5GB, 10GB, 25GB, 50GB, 100GB, 520GB, 1TB)
    * Custom Title
    * VIP Status
    * Karma Gift
    * Custom Smilies
    * Warning Removal
    * Ratio Fix
    * Freeleech
    * Double Upload
    * Half Download
    * Download Removal (1GB, 2.5GB, 5GB)
    * Anonymous Profile
    * 1 Year Freeleech
    * 3 Freeleech Slots
    * Invite Trade-In
    * Pirate Rank (2 Weeks)
    * King Rank (1 Month)
    * Parked Account
    * Pirates Bounty
    * 100 Rep Points
    * Userblocks
    * Bump Torrent
    * Immunity
    * User Unlocks

    Users are spoilt on this site not for only variety of torrents but with the donation benefits and the karma bonus points exchange.
    Highly recommended tracker





    TV Guide

    Movie Releases




    Pretimes 7/10
    Content 7/10
    Speed 7/10
    Community 6/10
    Final Score 7/10
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    this tracker has a very fast pre time.

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