TorrentHeaven | TH | General | 2017 Review

Name TorrentHeaven
Category General
Tracker Type Ratio-Based
Initial Year 2004
Getting In Hard
Signup Closed
Bonus Points Yes
Torrents 17,000
Registered Users 6,500
Maintaining Ratio | Seed Difficulty Medium
Banned Countries No
IRC Channel Channel #1: #TurboHeaven
Channel #2: #help
Port: 7000



Torrentheaven is one of the oldest german private torrent tracker which launched in 2004, it is very hard to join TH, the only way is to get an invite is by staff members and uploaders, the tracker rarely opens and if it happens, it will only last for one or two days.


With around 6,500 registered members and more than 17,000 torrents, the tracker is still active after 13 years, requests are filled quickly and it is easy to find some people in the chatbox.


Most of the torrents are german dubbed Movies and TVShows, but as on every other general tracker, you can find a lot of games, music, books, and other torrents. There are many Scene-Releases, but also P2P uploads


There are some good freeleech torrents, but they are rare, becasue it costs a lot of bonus points to create freeleech torrents.

Bonus Points

Getting Bonus Points or Speed Points is not easy, you only get points for your own uploaded torrents.

Maintaining Ratio

With a limited number of freeleech torrents and not that many users, it is not easy to maintain ratio, but still possible without a seedbox, uploading some torrents there will help, but some torrents have NO leechers, so you need to upload useful content.


There are a few different designs as well as banners, it is possible to customize a lot of visual settings, but most of them don't work really good, finding through the different sections is very easy. There isn't an english interface, but it is possible to translate the page with an instant translator.


Content 7
Speed | Seeded Content 8
Interface | Design 6
Community 9
Overall Experience 7






Profile Settings



Bonus Points

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