Tracker URL
Signup Closed / Invite Only
Tracker type Ratio Based
Seed difficulty Moderate
Bonus System Available
Banned Countries None
Tracker IRC Address:irc:// 7000
Channels: #TurboHeaven #help #TurboHeaven-Radio
Tracker Release Year 2004

May i introduce you TH a high lvl german tracker. This tracker always wants to protect their user from danger, maybe that's also the reason why they open their invite system so rare. This year some user classes could invite their friends because of the "10 year anniversary", it was a quite rare moment for the user there. I have been a member at TH since more than 3 years and i can't remember when the invite system was opened last time.

So the only way to get an acc there is probably by acc trading or if you know one of the staff/release member there. At the tracker you can find some realeaser and some quite active uploaders. You may think the tracker is dead because they don't get any new user..Well you are wrong with that. Although the tracker was always criticized because of their invite politic there is still life in there.

Ca. 9000 active Torrents and 5,400 active user are not that much but this tracker is still one of the top german tracker out there.
So if you are a part of this community you are quite lucky.

I wish you all good luck!



Bonus System