TorrentDay | TD | General | 2020 Review

Tracker Name
Tracker Genre General
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Bonus System Yes
Seed Difficulty Easy
Tracker Signup Invies Only
Banned Countries None
Tracker Birthday 2009-09-11
Tracker Irc port 6667 or +6697 for SSL
Channel: #td.announce
Channel: #td.announce2 for UK peeps

Tracker Description

  • TorrentDay is the middle sister of IPtorrent, Speed.CD, SceneTime, TorrenTing, Deildu. "same owner"
  • They have very good pretimes and a great variety of movies, tv, anime, software, audio, books, documentaries, games for most devices.
  • They have very usuful special Softwa/Packs releases every week for android, AKA "Paid apps for free".
  • Sign up is via invite only but not hard to find one.
  • Maintaining ratio is easy due to the many freeleech torrents and many leecheers.
  • The community is very active and helpful.
  • The minimum ratio you are allowed to have is 1.0. Below 0.3 will result in account disabling.
  • As many trackers, upload just for power users and above.
  • All torrents including FREELEECH must be seeded back 1:1 or to a minimum of 72 hours. Failure to do so will result in a Hit and Run, Be carful.
  • IMHO this site is great for people who have experience with torrents and for beginners also.


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Bonus System



Pre-times 8/10
Speed 9/10
Content 8/10
Community 6.5/10
Overall 8.5/10