Title: TorrentBD | TBD | General | 2023 Review

Name: TorrentBD
URL: https://www.torrentbd.com/
Genre: General
Signup: Invite
Maintaining Ratio: Easy
Bonus System: Available
Banned Countries: None

Tracker Description:

TorrentBD is the best 0 Day, General (Category) torrent tracker in Bangladesh with BDIX speed. This tracker was founded in 2010. TBD has approx 180k+ registed users and number of torrents are 440k+ (inclusing dead and active).

TorrentBD has a good collection of Hollywood and Bollywood & a lot of other Non-English Movies and Series, From 720p (SD) to 4k (UHD); It also has a huge collection of Tutorials from Udemy and sites like that. Adult content is not allowed. Other than that you'll also find Games, eBook, Softwares, Sports torrents, Audio-Book, Music, Anime and lot more.

Users are also allowed to upload. In fact, for ranking up (Elite and Upper classes) you'll need to have some uploads of your own. There are around 100+ uploads per day on avarage.

They have so many Internal encoders named; T00thLe$$ , IHk, Dark_Knight, HYdra, ExCaLiBuR, NyX, MRN , eXcommunicado, kamikaze, TBD, ALiEN , ANIMOUS, GunGravE, XZVN, MeGaTroN, BiCHi, Incremental and more. They also have a great Anime encoding team named END. Users are also allowed to upload torrents from some other sources/release groups.

Maintaining ratio is very easy here. Torrent size over 10 GB are always freeeleech. Internal releases are also freeleech. Seedtime is 48 hours after you download 15% of any torrent. If you failed to seed 48 hours, you can zap with cupon and seedbonus (though the seedbonus cost will increase 50% every time you use SB to zap HnR). If you get 1.1 ratio, You'll have to seed for 12 hours to avoid HnR.

TorrentBD forum is very active and you might get a lot of helpful posts and suggestions for your problem. TBD doesn't have IRC. Shoutbox is also very active here.

In conclution if you are Bangladeshi TBD will be the best Choice for you. (There is another alternative named CrazyHD). But getting inside is harder in TBD (not so much). Currently TBD has a Referral system. If somehow you managed to get a Referral you have to answer some basic questions about the site and torrenting. After you submitted the answer the staff will them check within 32 hours and will decide to let you in or not, means there is no guaranty that after getting a Referral you can join TorrentBD




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My Rating:

Content: 8/10
Speed: 8.5/10
Pretime: 9/10
Community: 8.5/10
Overall: 8.5/10