Torrent Sector Crew | TSC | General | 2017 Review

Name Torrent Sector Crew
Category General
Tracker Type Ratio-Based
Getting In Medium
Signup Closed | Invite Only
Bonus Points Yes
Torrents 20,500
Maintaining Ratio | Seed Difficulty Easy
Banned Countries No


Tracker Description

Torrent Sector Crew 'TSC' is a German private torrent tracker for movies, TV & general content and the internal tracker for multiple release groups.


With many internal groups, but only a few hundred users online every day, the TSC community reached over 20,000 Torrents and all of them are active. There is a chatbox as well as a Browser IRC chat, the forum is small and with only a smaller group of active members you won't find many posts here.


There are many categories and a lot of content besides movies and TV shows, like games, apps, music, e-books, etc - every category has detailed information about the amount of torrents, but you will find most of the torrents in the Movie and TV show sections, there are some animes, also many huge movie packs, some of them are recommended on top of the torrent page. Besides a lot of internal releases, there are also German scene releases. You can find German dubbed audio as well as English original audio for a lot of movies, but most of the content has only German dubbed audio.


A lot of freeleech torrents can be found on TSC, as every torrent above 25 GB will be freeleech without any temporal restrictions.

Bonus Points

TSC has a very user friendly bonus system, you will get 0.3 bonus points per hour (0,075 every 15 minutes) for every torrent you seed. The bonus points can be traded for upload credits and for removing warnings, unfortunately there is not an option to buy invites (but you have a few invites as soon as you register a new account).

Maintaining Ratio

With a huge number of freeleech torrents and an easy way to get upload credits, maintaining your ratio is very easy and makes TSC a very nice tracker for members with a slow home connection. Every new registered account starts with 10 GB Upload credits.


TSC looks very nice, starting with an interesting login page, where you see a pin-code option besides the normal user/password options, you can choose any pin by yourself for a new registered account while logging in for the first time. TSC has a few different styles (the default style was used for the review), the interface is very user friendly and there are not too many pages, so you will never feel lost on the TSC homepage. TSC has no English interface, but you can use an instant translator (see screenshots)


Content 7,5
Speed | Seeded Content 9,0
Interface | Design 8,5
Community 9,0
Overall Experience 8,5










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