TheHorrorCharnel | THC | General | 2019 Review

Tracker Name TheHorrorCharnel
Tracker URL
Tracker Signup Invite Only
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Seed Difficulty Easy
Tracker IRC[
6667 or 6697

Tracker Description

- A invite only tracker dedicated to anything of the cult, horror, sci-fi and sleaze genre.

- Search apps, comics, ebooks, games, misc, movies and music.

- Torrents are well seeded, ratio is easy to build and maintain and THC offers a generous karma bonus system. You can spend bonus points on upload credit, karma donations, freeleech, custom titles and ratio fixes. If you donate points to the karma bonus pot all torrents become freeleech for one week once the goal amount has been reached.

- User classes are as followed:

- Rotting Corpse (ratio below 0.65)
- Victim (default user class)
- Killer (up 20gb + member for 28 days min)
- Charnel Fiend (staff from other sites)
- Serial Killer (up 50gb, min ratio 1.3)
- Blood Donor (donators)
- Spree Killer (up 100gb, min ratio 1.55)
- Mass Murderer (member for 31 days, up 40gb, min ratio 1.2, up 13 torrents)
- Executioner (set by staff, do not ask!)

- THC is a sister site of p2pelite, ScenePalace, Twilights and Twilight Zoom.







Pretimes -
Community 7/10
Content 8/10
Speed 8/10
Tracker Rating 8/10