TEKNO3D.com | UHD | HDR | 2020 Review

Tracker Name Tekno3D
Tracker URL tekno3d.com
Tracker Genre UHD HDR
Tracker SignUp Invite Only
Tracker Type Ratio
Difficulty Medium
Bonus System Yes
Shout Box Yes
Slack Chat Yes
Banned Countries None


Tekno3d.com is an exclusive UHD HDR tracker without comparison. With a focus on quality you will find only exclusive HDR Releases, Dolby Vision Single Layer with TrueHD, and UHD Remuxes. VIP can enjoy exclusively created better than studio releases of HDR-X which rival Sony in HDR quality. Tekno3d's HDR-X transfers often rival, if not improve upon HDR to their own HDR standards. You will definitely notice an impressive improvement in quality over other HDR Blu-ray's. You don't need any new donation to access UHD Remuxes and some exclusive content upon joining, but most Tekno3d HDR-X transfers are accessible to VIP donors which you can get by just exchanging bonus points (which you can acquire for free by just leave torrents seeding) or by donating to server/hardware costs. It is the only tracker you need to enjoy high quality UHD/HDR movies.

Tired of Low Quality HDR from Major Studios like Disney or Warner Bros?
Tekno3D creates HDR-X from the original source and expands the HDR to full range beyond what any studio is creating right now. A community curated list of exclusive titles can be found only on this tracker! Exclusive titles are added every week. Examples can be found on Youtube.

Is HDR-X the only HDR you will find on the Tracker?
No. Every UHD Blu-Ray release is remuxed and available for half ratio as well as full enhancement layer (FEL) Dolby Vision remuxes with uncompressed audio are created in single layer for 2019 Shields with Plex. Community members are also encouraged to share their own HDR creations in which you can find some pro res music videos and AI upscaled movies that help show off your HDR TV to friends!










Along with the usual shout box on the website the community enjoys a much more personal and friendly experience on slack:

Pretime 8/10
Speed 8/10
Content 10/10
Community 9/10
Overall 9/10