Tracker Name SSD(CMCT-PT)
Tracker URL
Tracker SignUp Recruitment / Invite
Tracker Genre HD
Seed Difficulty Very easy
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description

  • SSD - CMCT (C-lassic M-ovie C-ompression T-eam) is a NexusPHP based, chinese private tracker for HD content. Like on many other HD trackers, you can find some music torrents besides movies and TV content, including albums as well as HD concerts and music videos. Other content exists too, like magazines or video tutorials, but is very rare. In addition, CMCT has a relative large library of subtitles, with more than 12k subtitles available.

  • The tracker is around 10 years old and has about 30k active torrents (+12k dead torrents) and offers a lot of compressed (encoded) video content, but you can find untouched Blu-rays or remuxes too. To keep torrents alive, those without seeders can be found in the 'Rescue' area and every torrent here is 2.0x free. Most other torrents have a smaller freeleech promotion, depending on internal status, size, category and upload time.

  • Like on most chinese trackers, maintainging a good ratio is very easy. Uploaders get 2.0x upload bonus for every uploaded torrent, most new torrents will see enough leechers, making buffering very easy. Only 'Crazy User' or above can upload torrents, but all user classes are allowed to add offers, the offer section has a voting system, but the mods check new offers every 1-2 days, allowing most of them if there are no description errors or other issues. Upload speed can change rapidly for each torrent, some uploaders use fast connections, some not. A catergory based RSS helps to find the most wanted content and even offers keyword based feeds, as well as the internal groups as selectable category.

  • The interface looks nice and clear, offers english translations and navigating through the homepage feels very familiar. The 'Home' page offers a chatbox, giving a somewhat alive touch, but usually chinese is the only used language.

  • Getting invites for SSD-CMCT is impossible most of the time, usually bonus point prices for invites are beyond what anyone will ever have (999,999,999 bonus points). Sometimes the invite system will be open on a few days each year, but SSD-CMCT is recruiting on other chinese trackers. If you want to join the tracker, check the user class restricted invite forums.

  • CMCT may isn't the best (chinese) tracker around, but really worth to have, don't hesitate to join if you have the chance to get an invite for this tracker and of course the time to use it.

  • New members have to pass a little Newbie exam, but compared with other chinese trackers, it's really very easy. The follwoing requirements have to be acomplished within the first 30 days after registration:
    - Uploading: 15.00 GB
    - Downloading: 10.00 GB
    - Up/Down ratio: 1.000
    - Seeding points: 1000

  • The following internal groups can be found on the tracker:
    - CMCT
    - CMCTA
    - CMCTV
    - DAKEAI
    - EPiC




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Pre-Times 8/10
Speed 8/10
Content 8/10
Community 9/10
OverAll 8/10