Title: SkipTheTrailers | STT | Movies | 2023 Review

Name: SkipTheTrailers
URL: https://skipthetrailers.xyz/
Genre: Movies
Signup: Invite & Open Signup
Tracker Type: Ratio Based
Maintaining Ratio: Easy/Medium
Bonus System: Available
Banned Countries: None

Tracker Description:

  • SkipTheTrailers is a (1 year old) ratio based private torrent tracker, based on UNiT3D script; for Movies only. You'll get 4k to SD content there (Though the number of SD contents are less there). It's a sister site of SkipTheCommericals, Swarmazon & TheDarkCommunity.

  • They have a good amount of torrents uploaded, Over 15k+ in number; with 600+ Registered users.

  • It is growing up tracker. Internal Groups: SkipTT, WiFeY, FooKaS, PROWL3R & a few others.

  • As mentioned earlier it's a ratio-based tracker. So, on STT; every user is required to maintain a 0.4 ratio.

  • Seedtime is 7 days (168hrs) as soon as you downloaded more than 5% of a torrent. Else it will be counted as a Hit and Run. After 3 (unsatisfied) active HnR warnings, your Download permissions will be revoked. After 5 (unsatisfied) active HnR warnings, you will get banned from STT

  • There is a bonus system, which you can exchange points for GBs of Upload, Personal Freeleech, Invites, and Content Request.

  • You must be seeding at least 1 torrent or login once every 90 days to not get pruned.

  • They also have a Discord server for registered members only. You must verify with the site username before you can join there




Torrent Profile:





Media HUB:






My Rating:

Content: 6/10
Speed: 6/10
Pretime: 5/10
Community: 5/10
Overall: 6/10