Shellife | SL | Music | 2018 Review

Tracker Name Shellife
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre Ratio Based
Tracker Type Music
Bonus System Yes
Seed difficultly Medium
Tracker Signup Invite only
Banned Countries None
Tracker IRC #shellife @
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Shellife is a private torrent for Indie, Electronic, Classical, Jazz, Punk, Metal, Folk, Rock music and more.
The site has a friendly interface (you can customize the colors of the site, the logo and make your own styles).
The content is "Non Mainstream" and I personally find it great for classical music.
Maintaining ratio is pretty hard (under 0.5, downloading rights are canceled, and sometimes it is followed by banning the account),still there are freeleech torrents uploaded every day.
Shellife has a bonus system,where you gain bonus points for seeding,filing requests or when you receive thanks from another user.Bonus points can be used to either purchase upload credits or invites


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Speed 7/10
Content 7/10
Community 8/10
OverAll 7/10