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Thread: Shazbat | TV | 2017 Review

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    Shazbat | TV | 2017 Review


    Name Shazbat
    Signup Invites Only
    Type Ratio Based
    Genre TV
    Maintaining Ratio Hard
    Bonus Yes
    IRC Ports : 6667 , 6697 (SSL)
    Chatbox Yes
    Banned Countries None

    Tracker Description

    Shazbat is new version of which was one of the oldest TV torrent private trackers. The user interface is very impressive and different from other trackers. They mainly concentrate on TV-Rip so you will not find different encode/ formats for same show. They are still in the early stages. Decent pre-times and many uploads everyday. Many torrents are uploaded everyday. The download and upload speed on new torrents is high but they have less number of leechers because of the small userbase. There is no ratio system but a credits system that makes the tracker a bit harder as you won't find many leechers to earn enough. Shazbat wants to be a community with active members and they reward good behavior with more than just credits (see Credits tab), and have a reputation system consisting of stars with an accompanying avatar. Reputation is calculated by points rewarded for different actions, like logging in, downloading, following shows, adding torrents, reading RSS, being a premium user and so on. Points are removed for unwanted actions like loading RSS too frequently, getting the same .torrent file excessively or leaving your submits unseeded for example.

    * Number of active torrents allowed will be 10 times the rank, this is an increase for most.
    * More beacons are given for higher ranks.
    * RSS is forbidden if your rank is too low (most likely because of RSS abuse.)
    Reputation points are not accumulated into eternity, but will disappear over time so you need to stay active to keep your stars and character.

    Credits are counted when you upload and download:

    * 1Cred = 1 Byte
    * 1KCred = 1 Kilobyte (1024 Bytes)
    * 1MCred = 1 Megabyte (MB) (1024 Kilobytes)
    * 1GCred = 1 Gigabyte (GB) (1024 Megabytes)
    * 1TCred = 1 Terabyte (TB) (1024 Gigabytes)

    When you're seeding your file(s) using the Shazbat torrent file(s) and tracker you will earn 1.5 credits for each byte uploaded (3 if a Premium Member), for uploading get 1 credit for each byte uploaded, and lose 1 credit for every byte you download. When your credits go negative, it's a signal that you haven't been giving back as much as you should have and need to seed back to positive credits. You won't be able to start new downloads if you have less than 1 credit. Though Shazbat is the new it has less number of members, it won't be easy to survive there without donation. For example if you donate 10 Euro & download 2 torrent of size approx 10 Gb but you didn't get any seeding credit then you have again donate. Secondly finding invite is really hard. Shazbat wants to be a torrent community with active members, delivering high quality torrents. They define active as downloading and seeding, and not just logging in and look at the schedule or not logging in but just using the RSS feed (you need to log in to read site news regularly).
    A consequence of this mission they delete users that are not active. Accounts will automatically be deleted when it has:

    not logged in 1 month after it was created; or
    not logged in for 2 months and never uploaded (0 credits); or
    never uploaded 3 months after it was created (0 credits); or
    not logged in, downloaded or uploaded for 4 months; or
    not downloaded or uploaded for 5 months; or
    not logged in for 6 months

    Donations can be made through the old or with Bitcoins. If you don't have Bitcoins already, it's a little complicated to come by, but here's a guide on how to get started: Once you have Bitcoins, you can send to 14FfMbmqgToJr8fDSRXTq1NeuMM7saHgQT You have to send an e-mail with your username and the transaction ID to so that they can process it.

    When making a donation you will get 1-1-2:

    * 1 day of Freeleech
    * 1 week of Premium Membership
    * 2 Gb of credits
    for every Euro donated.
    On top of the 1-1-2, premium membership's upload is counted double (3x instead of 1.5x).


    New Torrents

    Blocked/Nuked Torrents

    New Seasons

    TBD/On The Bubble





    My Ratings

    Pre-times 8
    Speed 8
    Content 7.5
    Community 6
    Overall experience 7.5

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    @Ronin21 - A great, detailed review! Kudos. I really like the design of the tracker, looks really modern. That turquoise hue is soothing and it seems easy to navigate. Nice one.
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    When I joined this one i had my doubts about it but it proved me wrong.
    They improved a lot the pretimes , speed is great...also if you manage to make a buffer regarding the Credits , will be like a ratioless one!
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    How is this tracker compared to MTV in matters of content? Is it a similar level?
    Could it be a good alternative for them?

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    MTV is better. Shazbat only accepts hdtv(sd/720p/1080p) releases . NO web-dl or webrip or bluray (only with staff approv. or if its the only format it is released). That doesnt mean its not a good site. it looks good / it feels good , the ranking sistem its based on site activity. i personaly like it a lot. and use it when i dont like to wait for a web-dl of a tv show and go for the 720p hdtv version.

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