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AGT Stands For "Arabic Gate Tracker"

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SharingCode (AGT)
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General (Mainly Arabic Media)
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Ratio Based Tracker
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SharingGate is one of the oldest Arabic Trackers online. It started with an Idea of sharing anything that any Arab user would like to download. The English Interface is incomplete, so most of the site will be in Arabic even if you choose English. It's meant for Arabic Speakers only. The tracker has no bonus system but a lot of files are in Freelech. Above that some files gets double upload, 3x upload and even 4x & 5x upload are possible. Any one can upload torrents provided that the content doesn't break any rules. The one thing that distinguish the tracker from most of Arabic trackers out there is a team working to release old Anime series dubbed in Arabic using HD sources like blu ray and re-syncing the old Arabic Audio in it, thus they create a unique content that can not be found anywhere else.



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The tracker provides some rare releases. All files are suitable for Arab users as they're either dubbed or subtitled. You can find movies, tv, games and apps. Music related contents is not allowed. The tracker has a separate forum call SharingGate. The one thing that bothers me when browsing is that it requries a Java exception for security reasons.


Content 6\10
Pre-Times 4\10
Speed 7\10
Community 7\10
Overall Experience 6\10