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Thread: | SDB | SD Movies/TV | 2021 Review

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    9 (100%) | SDB | SD Movies/TV | 2021 Review

    Tracker Name SDBits
    Tracker URL
    Tracker Genre SD
    Tracker Type Ratio Based
    Bonus System Yes
    Tracker Signup Invite Only
    Banned countries China (Sign-up banned) Egypt Turkey
    Maintaining Ratio Medium
    Birthday: 2nd, June 2008
    IRC:: Network:,Channel: #SDbits


    • SDBits is a private tracker specialized in SD releases for Movies and TV Shows,it's sister site of the HDBits!
    • site got 9k+ user and 8k+ torrents,On SDBits you will find the best quality encodes for SD x264 and DVD, some of them you cant find them anywere else!

    • Tracker have inactivity issue,sometimes days pass and no torrents get uploaded,for Maintaining good ratio since tracker isn't very active in uploading new torrent, the best way is using freeleech torrent and seed them long time, this way you can gain upload and bonus points,you can buy extra upload credit with your bonus points

    • Accounts inactive for more than 50 days are automatically deleted,Users with a ratio below .45 & who downloaded more than 10 GB for 1 week (7 days) will be warned to correct their ratio. They will be able to leech 2 torrents. If they don't fix their ratio after 2 weeks they will be automatically demoted to VCD and limited to 2 torrents max. VCDs will have 2 weeks to increase their ratio or their account will be deleted.

    • invites aren't Purchasable by your bonus points and Invites are given out every 4 weeks and depend on your stats:
    • Downloaded >25GB and ratio is greater than 1.00 --> 1 invite
    • Downloaded >100GB and ratio is greater than 1.25 --> 2 invite
    • Downloaded >200GB and ratio is greater than 1.50 --> 3 invite

    • should i join this tracker?
    • For people who take interests in SD content and untouched DVD's, this tracker is a must. For anyone else, don't bother.








    Pre-times n/a
    Speed 6
    Content 6
    Community 6
    Overall 6.5
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    If you use a seedbox, this tracker is not for you. They are not seedbox friendly!
    As stated in the review above, if you don't NEED SD DVD rips then you don't need this tracker.
    All things considered, there are much better trackers out there!
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