Tracker Name SceneXpress
Tracker URL
Tracker SignUp Invite Only ( currently open )
Tracker Genre General/0-Day
Seed Difficulty Medium tends to easy.
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description

Dead to be Re-born again ?! yes it could be , look at who's back now
SceneXpress (SeX) is a private tracker from ScL Crew , it's General 0day tracker , with lots of amazing stuff , not best but good pretimes. tracker has very cool style & interface , i like it.
They got a long time of downtime ( ACTUALLY dead ) , stuffs been lost ! it returned back with power & trying to be on right track with newly uploaded stuffs.
Maintaining ratio un-fortunately was way easier than now ( due to lack of leechers/seeders ) , but they got some freeleech & double upload torrents which are uploaded every day , also Bonus points system where you can buy VIP status / invites / extra GBs which will help in getting good standing there.








Bonus Points

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- Based as they got Long time of downtime , i won't make ratings as per previous reviews. we shall give them some time & see will they be back stronger or not -
so no ratings for now!