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Tracker Type: General/0-Day Tracker

Tracker Age: About 3 years and 9 months



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Most Popular Category - TV/XVID:

Category - Movies/Packs:

RevolutionTT has a category which is Movies/Packs. I think this is a nice touch, since I personally download quite a few packs in the torrent world. It is just a nice organizational touch. RevTT has quite a few packs in a few categories including Movies, Music, and TV shows, all with their own sort tag.



Bonus System:

No bonus system in place. However, there are random specials. The most recent was the IRC challenge, where an upload bonus was given to anyone in the IRC channel at its peak population over a period of time.

Tracker Stats:

Torrents: 29,314
Users: ~ 65,000 - Could Not Find Exact Number (Will update if found)
Forum Threads: 852 Active (3,096 in Archive)
Forum Posts: 26,508 Active (35,249 in Archive)

Tracker Rules:


Ratio and Downloading:

RevolutionTT employs a system in which if your Ratio and Upload amount is not enough, you are on a wait system for new torrents that maxes out at 16 hours for new users and low ratio users.


User Classes/Promotion:


You might have to request your first set of invites. You can also receive bonuses upload and invites if you meet certain requirements based on your invitee uploaded amount and ratios.

Forums and Community:

Forums Rules:

IRC Info:
Channel: #RevolutionTT

Java client also on website for members.

Donation Information:

Donations can either be used for upload credit or VIP status.

Signup URL:

Invite Only!


Latest Torrents with Poster:

Top Ten:

Top 10 torrents over the past 24 hours are posted in a box at the top of every browse page. This can be disabled by the user.

Ratings and Comments:
Content: 4.5/5 - Lost of content in just about all of the categories at RevolutionTT. RevTT also has a few semi-uncommon categories. The music video category is always welcome and not all general trackers have it. RevTT's */Pack filters are also very helpful, as if you are looking for packs, it makes them that much easier to sort out and find.

Speed: 4.5/5 - Speeds on RevolutionTT are very good. IT seems like a lot of users are using seedboxes and many torrents are very well seeded. There is also a box at the bottom of every browse page that shows torrents in need of seeders and a forum section on reseed requests to help alert users that particular torrents are n need of seeders.

Community: 4/5 - The RevolutionTT community is pretty active. The vast majority of sections on the forums show activity on a daily basis, and most have a lot of activity on a daily basis. The IRC channel is usually very active with general chatter and also chat about content offered on RevTT. The IRC was also extremely active around the IRC bonus time.


Overall, I think RevolutionTT is one of the top tier general/0day trackers. The site has a lot of content and some nice organizational features that give a bit of an edge, even though their content is a tiny bit behind other top tier general trackers (sometimes organization is more important than content!). RevolutionTT does not have freeleech, so users could possibly have some trouble building an initial ratio, but the torrents are very active and as long as you are willing to seed for a while you should be fine. Some users might think a 0.8 ratio is a bit high, but I personally think it is a good value. You can also always donate to get a little help. Overall, a solid community and a great deal of well organized content puts RevolutionTT at/near the top tier of general/0day trackers.