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Tracker Name ReggaeTraders (RT)
Tracker Genre Music
Tracker Type DC-Download Credits
Tracker Signup Closed/Invite Only
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Tracker Birthday March 2014

Tracker Description

Reggae traders is a site that stands out from the rest.The site hashes only reggae music.It is a little tracker dedicated to live reggae.Speeds are decent,you can upload your own stuff so it shouldn' t be difficult to maintain ratio if you know where to find live reggae.The forums are very active.You can also requests reseeds in case you want somethink important.Users and staff team are friendly and very helpfull.If you dont know to rip dont worry they have tutorials explaining every step.

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Ratings & Commentatory

Content 7/10 Very good and very rare to find
Speed 7/10 Compared to other site are slow
Chat 6/10 Not very active
Community 8/10 Very nice and helpfull community
Overall My Experience 7/10 A tracker worth being in