Tracker Name REDActed (Aka.PassTheHeadPhones)
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre Music
Tracker SignUp Invite Only
Maintain Ratio Hard
Banned Countires None

Tracker Description

  • REDActed (Aka.PassTheHeadPhones) is one of the well-known music trackers with extremly high demand among torrenters.

  • Tracker features both lossless and lossy music , beside music it also has a large collection of audio software, music related eBooks, audiobooks, comics and music-related eLearning videos.

  • With a wide selection of music stuffs encoded in variety of formats & well-seeded torrents , make RED really a paradise for MusicLovers (but hey! don't dream alot )

  • RED arised on Nov.2016 after the closage of the big What.CD , the thing is that the tracker gathered itself up so fast & reached now over 1.2 Mil uploaded torrents which is really good job.

  • Tracker speeds are so good with seedboxes, got nice content shall satisfy your needs for sure.

  • DB9's Community is active & strong as they got +28K registered members , Forums are active as well & most of requests are being filled as fast as possible.

  • With my word i always repeat " The more you ban , The more you're most-wanted! " , RED staffs ban alot for a reason or not xD!

  • Maintain ratio is hard tends to moderate as :
    - No site-wide freeleech events , but not NEVER (it's just too RARE).
    - No bonus points system is implemented , makes it more harder to get good standings there.
    - If you don't have a fast seedbox to snatch newly uploaded stuffs & upload your own , Don't risk!

  • If you're a general music lover , No need for that risk at all . Many music trackers around (more easier to join n to deal with) e.g : Apollo , Waffles, etc..

  • I hope that i've written & spotted the light on each criteria , hope you'll like it guys & now leaving you with the screenshots.

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Pre-Times 8/10
Content 9/10
Speeds 9/10
Community 8/10
OverAll 8/10