RainbowNationSharing | RNS | E-Learning | 2017 Review


Tracker Name RainbowNationSharing
Tracker URL http://www.rainbownationsharing.net/
Tracker Genre E-Books
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Tracker Signup Closed / Invite Only
Maintaining Ratio Easy
Bonus System Available
Banned Countries None
Tracker IRC NA

Tracker Description

RainbowNationSharing is a private tracker for e-books and audio books. Speed is good for what it offers, and the content selection is also quite good. New torrents are uploaded almost continuously (a few dozens a day on more active days). Maintaining ratio is easy because of frequent global freeleech and double-uploads.

  • Users have to seed the snatched torrents for 72 hours.

  • Anyone can upload as long as the content is as per the site rules, but "uploader" status is granted only to select few.

  • They also have bonus points called "karma" through which you can buy invites, upload credits, and many more things.

Most of the new books are available and well-seeded. Older books are also there but only the most popular ones are well-seeded. Forums are not very active but help is available to those who bother to ask. The shoutbox on the homepage is active at times but there are not many simultaneous users. The no. of active users are not very high but having 45000+ active torrents is not a small feat.






Karma Points


Speed Very Good (8/10)
Content Better than Average (7/10)
Community Helpful but not very active (7/10)
Overall 7/10