PTFiles| PTF | General | 2021 Review

Tracker Name PTFiles
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre General
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Tracker Signup Invite only
Seed Difficulty Easy
Bonus System Available
Banned Countries None

PTFiles is a small general tracker with 13k+ torrents anf 6k users. It has categories like Movies/XviD, Movies/DVD-R, Movies/SD X264, Anime, Apps, Comics, Movies/720p HD, Movies/1080p HD, Movies/Ultra-HD, Movies/Packs, E Books, E Learning, Mac OS, TV/XviD Episodes, TV/SD X264, Episodes, TV/HD, Episodes, Misc, Mobile, Music, TV/Seasons, Games/PC. All downloads must be seeded for either 48hrs or to a 1:1 ratio each. Their a fairly close community with dedicated staff who will go out of their way to offer your assistance in any way.
They have a 'Crazy Hour' every day in which all the files are Freeleech and you are awarded Triple Upload Credit.
Site-Wide Freeleech is also activated once the donations reach 60%, and is in place for the rest of the month. Super easy to keep a ratio here. With bonus points You can buy invitations, reps, stats, or more according to your user class.
It maybe not as great as other well known general trackers but it has good variety of collections of contents from various popular encoders which makes it stand out on its own.

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Speed 8.5/10
Retention 7.5/10
Contents 7.5/10
Community 7.5/10