Tracker Name PotUK
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre General
Tracker SignUp Invite Only
Maintain Ratio Easy
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description

  • PotUK is a good private general tracker from the UK , got good collection of movies, application, music , etc..

  • Mainly it's a community (forum) which also is running a tracker for leeching/seeding torrents , based & developed on vBulletin.

  • Can't check exaclty how many registered users , but they got App. 11K uploaded torrents which isn't a great number for a general tracker !

  • Tracker got seedbonus system where you can buy extra GBs to your upload count by exchanging points.

  • Beside seeding, member get points over their activities done in community.

  • PotUK got an interesting stuff called " Conquest " which is actually a war for members of your nation to conquer the other nations . Select your nation & create your village ( a guide is shown in PICs)

  • I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots.

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Seed Bonus

Conquest System

Conquest System Guide


Pre-Time -/10
Speed 5/10
Content 6/10
Community 8/10
OverAll 7/10