PostFile | PF | General | 2014 Review

Tracker Name: PostFile (PF)

Tracker Genre: General

Tracker Type: Ratio Based

Bonus System: No

Tracker Birthday: September 2011

Maintaining Ratio: Easy

Tracker Singup: Closed / Invite Only

Tracker URL:


When we come to the point when some of the Favorites trackers are shutting down and people start looking for a solutions in high level tracker it's time to take a look back and remember that those trackers also started from scratch. This tracker reminds me a lot at FTN at the beginning when it was still Ratio Based - Fast Pre with almost no seeders and leechers but with Freeleech. and what happens if the only seeder is sitting beyond a massive upload connection? you get everything in Fast speeds and Pre Time!

From testing i got 7 MB/s down with 100Mbps Box from only 1 seeders on a newly fresh torrent with 2 minutes pre.





Torrents By Seeders:

Torrents By Complete:




Pretimes: 9/10

Speed: 9/10

Content: 7/10

Community: 5/10

Over All My Experience: 7/10