Tracker Name PolishTracker (Pte)
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre General
Tracker SignUp Invite Only
Maintain Ratio Easy
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description

  • PolishTracker (Pte) is a well-known private Polish general tracker & considered the best around along with the other big one DVDSeed (DSD).

  • They changed their URL to a new one , also with new layouts/Stylesheets along with some updates in Bonus points counting & data..

  • Tracker got various sections containing music, movies, applications, TV series, anime, games and others with really good pre times.

  • Pte is the best polish tracker in scene that has internal release group called PTRG.

  • Formerly site was available only in Polish language, but right now English version is working smoothly as well.

  • Maintain ratio is easy as :
    - Bonus points system is implemented , where you can buy extra GBs to your upload count.
    - Releases from their internal group (PTRG) have so many leechers , you can just snatch them once they're just now uploaded by your seedbox & go!

  • They got something like a Newbie test ! Every new user has to pass 30 days trial period. During this time you must behave very cautiously and avoid causing problems. What is more you have to upload minimum 20GB to keep your account running.

  • PolishTracker got active community/forums considered great for polish users.

  • I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots







Bonus Points





Pre-Time 7/10
Speed 8/10
Content 7/10
Community 8/10
OverAll 8/10