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Thread: Pirates of the UK | PotUK | General | 2017 Review

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    Pirates of the UK | PotUK | General | 2017 Review

    Pirates of the UK | PotUK | General | 2017 Review

    Name Pirates of the UK
    Category General
    Tracker Type Ratio-Based
    Getting In Easy
    Signup Closed | Invite Only
    Bonus Points Yes
    Torrents 13,753
    Registered Users 19,909
    Active Users 3,207
    Maintaining Ratio | Seed Difficulty Easy

    Tracker Description

    • Pirates of the UK (PotUK) is private tracker and forum for Movies, TV and general content.

    • Movies, TV-Series, Apps, Books, Games etc. PotUK has many categories, while there is a site where to find the latest torrents, it is only possible to search through categories based on the torrent sub-forum sections.

    • With more than 3000 active members and 13000 torrents the PotUK Forum is relative small, but there is a lot of activity in the Forums, as well as a good selection of torrents, some scene releases can be find very soon here, even faster as it is the case on a few bigger trackers.

    • As they have many scene releases and some freeleech torrents, which can be found in the Cams TS & TC/PPV/VOD/HDTV Forum where every torrent is freeleech, maintaining ratio is easy by grabbing the freeleech torrents or just by cross-seeding some torrents from other trackers.

    • PotUK also has a bonus point system, bonus points can be earned for seeding torrents and for forum activity, they can be used to buy upload credits but nothing more. It is easy to get invites, as all higher user-classes will get invites every week and the amount of needed upload is small.

    • The PotUK forums look simple, but its easy to navigate through the site, the default theme can be changed. Unfortunately while scaling the size of the elements, there are a few clipping bugs, while these won't make anything unreadable.


    Content 7
    Speed | Seeded Content 8
    Interface | Design 8
    Community 9
    Overall Experience 8


    PotUK Forums

    Torrent Sub-Forums


    Top Lists

    Conquest System Summary

    Conquest System: How to Play Guide



    Earn Points

    Bonus Points

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    A major malfunction there is that the torrent list refuses to display items of a main category,
    want music, tv, movies, you're out of luck. Instead you must select each sub category of
    each main category in sequence, an unbelievable oversight.

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