Name xbtmusic.org aka Pedros BTMusic
URL https://xbtmusic.org/
Category Music (Lossless)
Signup Invite/Prospective Uploader programme
IRC irc.xbtmusic.org - 6697 (SSL) | Channels: #xbtmusic, #help
Banned Countries Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Yemen


Pedros is a lossless private music tracker. It is the best tracker for lossless content. Most of the uploads have high quality artwork which are scanned by the uploaders. The site has around 79,300 torrents and 2630 members. Download/Upload speeds are good and they have good retention. The main focus of pedros is on quality rather than quantity. You can join pedros through user invitations or the Prospective Uploader programme. Lately Pedro's has been giving out bonus invites to users every couple of months so there should be plenty of free invites out there and it isn't that difficult to get in like it once was. Pedros has strict rules which means members have to be extra careful who they invite and I doubt they will tolerate anyone inviting a bad member. Members should only invite their close friends and family, or no-one at all which is obviously the safest bet. This is a must join tracker for every lossless music listeners. Screenshots for this review was provided by a good active user of this forum.



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Speed 8.5
Content 10
Community 9