PassThePopcorn | PTP | Movies | 2019 Review

Tracker Name PassThePopcorn
Tracker URL
Tracker Signup Invite Only
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Seed Difficulty Easy
Tracker IRC[ (Port: +7000 for SSL)
Channels in review.

Tracker Description

- PassThePopcorn is the biggest and best (to some people) private tracker specialising in movies newer, older and rare to find.

- The path to entering the golden gates of PTP is no easy task, signup is only available by an invite and given this is a RISKY tracker to play around with they are not easily available. I strongly recommend you join via a personal and trusted friend rather than a stranger. PTP is known as a cabal tracker and will not hesitate to disable both the inviter and invitee if caught trading invites. Power users and above may purchase invites with their bonus points.

- Tracker stats can be found on the home page and are as followed:

171,624 movies
7,126 collections
779,520 subtitles
3,218,742-member ratings
1,589,578 registered members
143,635 member requests – 58.46% have been filled

- As mentioned above PTP offers regular uploads of movies ranging from art house, rare and all the way to the newer releases. You can click the name of a torrent and view the different versions that have been uploaded. All downloads must be seeded back for 48 hours or to a 1:1 ratio. Seeding and building a ratio isn’t overly hard as PTP offers heaps of freeleech for timed periods as well as the option to set up autodl. Another quick way to succeed here is by uploading, make sure you search for the movie first to avoid breaking the tracker dupe rules – break this and you will receive a warning for however long the staff member deems fit. Members are welcome to upload a new rip or trump another torrent that may be ‘dead’ etc. again be sure to read the rules regarding this to avoid a warning

- Ratio requirements are as followed:

Downloaded less than 10GB > 0
Downloaded more than 100GB > 0.6

- PTP offers both an IRC and forums with both being really active. Move up through user classes and you will unlock specific forums that cover user class discussions, games, requests etc. I found most of the community to be friendly, helpful and welcoming.. staff not so much.

- You can connect to IRC by using the below details – they were too much for the included table:

Server: (Port: +7000 for SSL)
Help channels: #ptp-help, #ptp-encoding
Disabled channel: #ptp-disabled
Member channel: #PassThePopcorn
Bot channels: #ptp-announce (#ptp-announce-ssl discontinued) - Requires Power User or higher
Scheduled film viewings: #drive-in

- A bonus system is in place allowing members to earn points as long as they seed back what they download. ‘Golden Popcorn’ marked torrents will earn you double bonus points and lower/only seed numbers will also earn you more. These can be exchanged for custom titles, invites, upload credits and more. The exchange rate of points for goods can be fairly expensive, some items such as invites are also user class locked to power users and above.

- Donations can only be made through crypto and monero. In exchange you will receive inactivity immunity, invitations and a donor icon on your account.










Pretimes 8/10
Community 9/10
Content 9/10
Speed 8/10
Tracker Rating 9/10