Tracker Name PassThePopCorn (PTP)
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Tracker Genre Movies
Tracker SignUp Invite Only
Maintain Ratio Easy
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description

  • PassThePopCorn (PTP) is one of the well-known private trackers for Movies & considered Even the largest one around.

  • Tracker got +36K registered members with Over 400K uploaded torrents that are well organized and grouped by the movie , gives you Plenty of choices/variations of torrents to pick from.

  • If you click on a movie torrent , it will take you to that movie page where you can find all related versions uploaded on the tracker if for Standard / High Definition / Ultra High Definition edition releases , ratings for that movie on IMDB/MetaCritic/RT & PTP users own rating with their comments on it.

  • Maintaining ration on PTP is not hard at all , as :
    - They got Bonus points system implemented , where you can buy invites / extra GBs to get good standings there.
    - They usually run an upload contest each month where a certain genre(s) will all be freeleech for that month.
    - Some newly uploaded torrents are picked by staff as (Golden PopCorn) which means Freeleech for the first 24 hours of having this status.

  • Bonus points on PTP granted by seeding as long as possible & the more time you seed your snatched stuffs , the more you gain extra bonus ( in addition , the lesser seeders on that torrent grants you some additional points as well ) , that makes dead torrents there more less.

  • PTP have a strong/active community , many competition threads can be found in forums that can grant you extra bonus points from high reputable members/staffs that would be very helpful for almost a newly registered member.

  • PTP got Hit & Run system (HnR) works as an early warning system . You will get HnRs as soon as you stop you torrents early , so you just need to seedback your downloaded stuffs to ratio 1:1 OR 48 hours (but surely members will seed more for bonus).

  • (The more you ban , The more you're most-wanted) that phrase fits PTP , their staffs ban alot for a reason or Even a small thing (tends to nothing ). As a gazelle family , they get a global ban for the banned user on other trackers as well.

  • At last , PTP is a good-tracker in case you're talking about Content , really a great database for sure (Tracker is up since November, 2008 ). but in case you're talking about Risk & staff , so no need for all that PARANOIA !

  • Hope that i spotted the light on each criteria on PTP , hope you'll like my review guys .. Leaving you with screenshots

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Pre-Times 9/10
Speed 8/10
Content 9/10
Community 9/10
Staff 4/10
OverAll 9/10