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Thread: Ourbits | OB | HD | 2018 Review

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    Ourbits | OB | HD | 2018 Review

    Ourbits | OB | HD | 2018 Review

    Tracker Name Ourbits
    Tracker URL
    Tracker Signup Invite Only
    Seed Difficulty Easy
    Banned Countries None

    Tracker Description

    Ourbits is a Chinese HD tracker with good seed times and a variety of content.

    Current tracker stats show they have over 10,000 registered members and 35,824 torrents. Members can browse anime, concerts, documentaries, movies, music, sports and TV series/shows. Ourbits have a few internal encoders so you know the quality is worth the download.

    As stated above, torrents are well seeded and make ratio building easy. All new members must pass an 'exam' of 30gb uploaded, 30gb downloaded and have reached 6666 bonus points within 30 days of joining up otherwise your account will be disabled. The exam is easy as you just need to grab a few torrents that show as '50%', this means only half of the download is counted towards your account and then leave them running in your desired client for a couple of weeks. Freeleech is regularly offered too so take advantage of it to move within user class ranks! If you honestly think you can't pass the exam with my suggestions then a donation will bypass this for you.

    Uploading is similar to a few other HD trackers where you are required to go through an 'offers' process. Anyone below 'power user' must use the offers section to show what they can upload and must receive 15 positive votes before the upload can be approved. Once approved you have 48 hours to upload the content before the privilege is revoked.Any offer that has not received 15 votes within a 72 hour period will be deleted.

    With each seeded torrent you will receive one bonus point. If you seed a torrent with lower seed numbers and a larger file, you generally do receive more points with donors getting double points (x2) whilst seeding. Bonus points can be spent on the usual upload credit, custom titles and VIP status. A cool feature I have noticed is you can also donate points to the community for those under a specific ratio amount, no need for a username it applies to any member under that specific ratio but with at least 10gb uploaded. If all the other goodies are of no interest to you then points can also be spent on ad removal for around 7 days.

    Overall a decent and active tracker to have in your pocket!



    Browse - 4K





    Tracker Ratings

    Pretimes 7/10
    Community 7/10
    Content 8/10
    Speed 7/10
    Tracker Score 7/10

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    Good review. starrdust, you must have spent much effort in writing description on it, I bet. This tracker is recommended since it's an entry one.
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    Great review for this great tracker.Thanks starrdust.

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