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Thread: Open.CD | OCD | Music | 2017 Review

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    Open.CD | OCD | Music | 2017 Review

    Open.CD | OCD | Music | 2017 Review

    Name Open.CD
    Genre Music
    Ratio Requirement Ratio Based
    Singup invite only
    Maintaining Ratio easy
    Bonus System Available


    • This is one of the best chinese music trackers. they are almost 8 years old and have almost 50.000 torrents.
    • The internal encoders team is OpenCD and most of their uploads are exclusive
    • The total seed time counts everything you are seeding. If you seed 10 torrents in 1 day you get 10 days the total seed time.
    • If you want to upload you need to be power user or above or go through the offers page.
    • Bonus points exist and its very generous, you can bye invites and upload credits.
    • They have H&R system that you need to seed every torrent for 36 Hours in 30 days after it has been completely downloaded, and 10 H&Rs will get you banned, if you get H&R you can either seed for 300 hours or remove it by 10000 BP.
    • They also wont count the cross seeding, you need to dwonload the torrent from the site to be counted.
    • And of course, like other chinese trackers, the newbie assignment exists.

    preview pics



    BROWSE PAGE (internal):


    FAQ 1:

    FAQ 2:

    FAQ 3:




    if you have any addition or comment about the tracker i'am happy to hear it
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