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Tracker Name :: MyAnonaMouse
Tracker URL :: https://www.myanonamouse.net/
Tracker Genre :: e-Learning
Tracker Type :: Ratio Based
Tracker Signup :: Invite Only
Bonus System :: Present
Seed Difficulty:: Easy
Banned Countries:: None

Tracker Description ⠏

  • MyAnonaMouse (MAM) is a Ratio Based e-Learning Tracker for audiobooks & e-Books.With a userbase of about 88k and almost 950k torrents, It has a huge library of e-Books & audiobooks and is considered one of the best in its category.

  • It is very easy to join their community as they recruit through IRC interviews which is not much of an interview but a conversation with a friendly interviewer, so no need to be nervous.

  • Once you get in, their members would start showering you with karma points to get you started even if you don't do anything although I would recommend introducing yourself in the forums.They have a great community filled with really nice and helpful members and friendly staffs so much so that they are basically known for being the "friendliest tracker" around.

  • Tracker economy is super easy.There is a dedicated section for freeleech torrents new members can grab.Most of the new torrents are marked VIP and can only be downloaded if you are a VIP member.VIP membership can be bought through karma points but you need to be a power user to buy VIP.

  • Inactive accounts are deleted every 6 months so you will have to login atleast once every 6 months to keep your account, seeding torrents isn't considered activity.The option to park accounts is also available if you're going away for longer.Disabled accounts can be re-enabled through their IRC.

  • Every downloaded torrents must be seeded for a minimum period of 72 hours within 30 days.Any torrent which hasn't been seeded for 72 hours is called unsatisfied, users can only have a limited amount of unsatisfied torrents at once, 20 for new users.You will start receiving the karma points for a torrent only after it has become satisfied i.e. the torrent has been seeded for 72 hours.

  • They have this thing called Millionaire's vault, members can add karma points to the vault and when it reaches 20 million, everyone gets 2 FL wedges and the members who donated 2k karma points or more get 8 FL wedges.You can accumulate a ton of FL wedges if you donate atleast 2k to the vault consistently.

  • They also have some solid recruitment threads for users that are just getting started.

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