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Thread: MyAnonamouse | MAM | E-Learning | 2021 Review

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    MyAnonamouse | MAM | E-Learning | 2021 Review

    MyAnonamouse| MAM | E-Learning | 2021 Review

    Tracker Name MyAnonamouse
    Tracker URL
    Tracker Genre General
    Tracker Type Ratio Based
    Tracker Signup Open / Invite only
    Seed Difficulty Medium
    Bonus System Available
    Banned Countries None
    IRC irc.myanonamouse.net6697

    MyAnonaMouse (MAM) is a great private tracker dedicated to audiobooks, ebooks, sheet music collections, instruction media, Guitar/Bass Tabs, Lick Library and radio shows.

    Enabled Users 65,430
    Torrents 690,423

    Maintaing a good ratio is easy, as you will receive a lot of bonus points once you join. Not just that, there're a lot of freeleech torrents. Better yet, once you become a power-user (after 4 weeks of being a member), you can purchase a VIP class (with the bonus points) that will give you access to a huge selection of VIP-only, freeleech torrents.
    The content and the overall speed is also considered very good, you can find almost any audiobooks, ebook etc on this tracker.

    They have a unique thing called Book Club. They currently have 5 book clubs:
    1. The Round Table: This club has two branches: Fantasy and Sci Fi.
    2. The Mousetrap: This club has two branches: General Fiction and Crime/Mystery/Thriller.
    3. The ABC: This is a non-fiction club with two branches: The Humanities/Sciences and Biographies.
    4. The Horror Book club: Just one branch, with the scariest books we can find.
    5. The Comic Book Club (The CBR): Just one branch, with the best in graphic novels.
    All the book club picks found here are freeleech and change on the first of the month.

    The site is very well maintained, its members are friendly, helpful, and very welcoming. Newcomers are welcomed warmly, as long as one reads the basic rules.
    There is a strict policy at MyAnonaMouse about no swear words, and no pornographic/erotic content.

    /~ HOME ~\

    /~ TORRENTS ~\

    /~ UPLOAD ~\

    /~ FORUM ~\

    /~ SEED BONUS ~\

    /~ FUN GAMES ~\

    /~ DONATE ~\

    /~ BANNERS ~\

    /~ IRC ~\

    /~ BOOK CLUB ~\

    /~ RULES ~\

    /~ FAQ ~\

    /~ RATINGS ~\
    Speed 8.5/10
    Contents 8.5/10
    Community 10/10
    Overall 8.5/10
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    I recommend it if you are someone who likes research. It's a good site.
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